Goat Island Virtual Tour

Welcome to our 360 virtual tour of Goat Island.  You may navigate by clicking and dragging the screen. Clicking different icons and areas highlighted will bring up information or different places.


Great Goat Island is a cay located less than a mile off the coast of Jamaica, southwest of the Hellshire Hills. It is part of Saint Catherine Parish. Along with Little Goat Island located northwest of it, these two cays make up the Goat Islands, which are within the Portland Bight Protected Area.

These cays were previously home to the Jamaican Iguana until the 1940s, when the population was thought to have become extinct, mainly due to predation by introduced small Indian mongooses and habitat alteration by feral goats.

The island, as of September 2013, is being considered as the base for a Chinese funded transhipment hub. WikipediA